What's been happening in the vineyard....

Its been a dry Winter & Spring period here in the Hunter (mind you as I write this blog Sydney just got lashed with two months worth of rain in an hour or so!!) & as such we have used the irrigation system during the “growing season” in Spring.


Given our level of care in the vineyard with fertilising programs & irrigation when required, we had a fantastic bud burst & subsequent canopy cover which all bodes well for the season ahead. With the fruit now forming on the vine it is time to “lift the wires” and “de-sucker” both the Chardonnay & Shiraz blocks.

De-suckering is an important process where any unnecessary/unwanted grown low down on the vines is manually removed on each & every vine to ensure the vine is putting all its effort into the fruit for the season ahead & not wasting its time on these energy sappers!

At the same time, wires are lifted in the vineyards in order to protect the magnificent canopy we have for vintage 2019. The long “arms” of the vines are physically listed & tucked in when the wires are raised to help protect them from severe weather (i.e. high winds) & also frequent machinery visits to the vineyard such as tractors & “Bob” the Bobcat!

All in all 2019 is shaping up to be a very good season, touch wood, as that would make it (God forbid!) 3 excellent vintages in a row here in the Hunter!!! These storms & rainfalls in late November as we write this are OK for now, so long as we get some nice hot, dry conditions to round out the season in January/February….


Adam ElbourneElbourne Wines