Benefits & FAQs


1. Choose-Your-Own-Wine Club

Create your own 6-pack of wine, shipped every 4 months, commitment is 3 x 6-packs per year. All wine includes 20% member only discount. You can edit/change your pack each delivery....YOU CHOOSE YOUR WINE JOURNEY!

2. Marrowbone Club

Seasonal Curated Winemaker Packs.Choose from a mix of reds, whites or mix vintage curated pack carefully selected by Elbourne Wines. Shipped every 4 months, commitment is 3 x 6-packs per year. All wine includes 20% member only discount.

3. Single Vineyard Club

First access to our Limited Release Estate Grown ‘Grace’ Chardonnay & ‘H.A.E’ Shiraz. The ONLY way to guarantee these wines. Commitment is to 12 x estate bottles each November when the vintage is released. Choose from all Estate Shiraz, Estate Chardonnay or mix of 6 Shiraz & 6 Chardonnay. All wine includes 20% member only discount.


  • All memberships include 20% discount on all wine and additional wine purchases outside of club deliveries.
  • 10% Discount on accommodation at The Residence @ Elbourne Wines, Lovedale
  • First priority access to: new releases & special offers
  • invitations to VIP tastings and exclusive winery experiences.
  • Ability to change club pack anytime to suit your preference.
  • no lock-in membership – pause or cancel anytime.


Sign up to your club of choice, select your preferred wine or pack. The price depends on your choice of wine. Our system will create a 'Membership Profile' and ask you to confirm your email address. You'll receive a login to your own membership portal and from there you can make any changes you want; change your members pack or purchase additional wine at members discount, pause or skip a delivery, suspend a membership or change your delivery address. Before the next club release we will send a reminder email to choose or confirm your wine selection.

Samples of our curated Marrowbone Club 6-Packs and Single Vineyard Club 12-packs

Marrowbone 'Whites'

A curated 6-pack of our Whites

RRP:$180Members: $144

Marrowbone 'Reds'

A curated 6-pack of our Reds.

RRP:$255Members: $204

Marrowbone 'Mix'

A curated 6-pack of Whites, Rosé & Reds

RRP:$205Members: $164

Single Vineyard Chardonnay

Our estate grown 'The Grace' Chardonnay 12-Pack

RRP:$600Members: $480

Single Vineyard Shiraz

Our estate grown 'H.A.E' Shiraz 12-Pack

RRP:$790Members: $624

Single Vineyard Mix

A split mix of 'H.A.E' Shiraz and 'The Grace' Chardonnay 12-Pack

RRP:$690Members: $552


Can I change the wines in my pack?

We aren’t able to make changes to the set curated packs, but we do offer a ‘Create Your Own’ option, which allows you to select the wines included in your pack. To change to this option log-in to 'My Portal' and click 'Edit Club Details' button and select 'Choose-your-own-wine' pack option, then select the wines you would like.

I don’t want to cancel my membership, but can I skip a delivery?

Yes, you can skip a delivery if needed. Log-in to 'My Portal' and in the 'Wine Club overview' click your club membership and select Skip button at the bottom.

I won’t be home when it is time for a delivery, can I delay the delivery?

Yes, we can delay deliveries if you expect to be away from home during the delivery period.

When are the orders processed?

Payments are processed on the first Monday of the month and orders are dispatched during the same week.

I have a question that is not listed here

Please email us at or call us on 024998 6996 to talk to our friendly staff.